The Inner Temple sits within the Temples Conservation Area in the City of London, which presents a distinguished collection of buildings.  The Hall itself, stands on the original ancient halls of the Knights Templar circa 14th Century, though is not a listed building.

In developing the venue with two new additional floors of events spaces, all environmental topics have been carefully considered.  A myriad of sustainable measures, actions to preserve existing landscape features, improvement provisions for cyclists and long-term strategic solutions to minimise carbon emissions have all been considered within the building and its wider estate setting.

The venue has focused on environmental aims to achieve the following;

  • Maximise energy efficiency and sustainability to achieve reductions in carbon emissions by the choice of new plant
  • High levels of thermal insulation and air-tightness.
  • Apply renewable air source heat pump technology
  • Photovoltaic (solar) roof panels installed to offset carbon production
  • Remote monitoring and controls via BMS
  • Air volume sensors to control fresh air to suit occupancy levels
  • Solar control of rooflight glazing to minimise heat gain and glare
  • All timber from approved sustainable sources and non-toxic finishes used throughout
  • Natural daylight maximised where appropriate
  • PIR and daylight control lighting
  • Low water use fittings
  • Harvested rainwater for irrigation
  • Cycle parking bays

The venue also focuses attention on improving the customer journey around all areas of the building, we are committed to providing equality, inclusion and accessibility in the delivery of all services – in doing so visitors to the venue can expect to see improvements that will give individuals the ability to enjoy safe and wherever possible, independent participation.

  • Levelling of the external terrace
  • Improved automatic main entrance doors
  • New lifts servicing all floors
  • Accessible amenity spaces and new accessible WC’s on each floor 

The venue is in a highly sustainable location in terms of public transport, it is close to major bus routes and both Temple and Blackfriars stations in close walking proximity.

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