Introducing Lake District Farmers Cooperative: Local and Sustainable UK Produce

Lake District Farmers Cooperative is one of our esteemed suppliers of locally sourced meat products, embodying our commitment to sustainability. Situated in the picturesque Lake District region of the UK, this cooperative brings together generations of farmers dedicated to ethical farming practices.

What sets Lake District Farmers Cooperative apart is their emphasis on locally sourced ingredients. By procuring meat exclusively from farms within their community, they support the local economy while reducing food miles and carbon emissions.

Environmental stewardship is a top priority for the cooperative. Their farmers implement sustainable land management practices, preserving biodiversity and safeguarding natural resources. The livestock graze on lush pastures, resulting in tender, flavourful meat.

Quality is paramount to Lake District Farmers Cooperative. Regular audits ensure adherence to the highest animal welfare and food safety standards, guaranteeing the integrity of the meat we receive.

Partnering with Lake District Farmers Cooperative supports local farmers and promotes a sustainable food system. Enjoy the exceptional taste of locally sourced UK produce while contributing to a greener future.


their story

The history of Lake District farmers is steeped in a rich tapestry of tradition and resilience. Dating back centuries, these hardworking farmers have thrived amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Lake District in northern England. With their deep connection to the land, they have adapted to changing times while preserving age-old farming techniques. Through generations, they have honed their skills in sheep farming, cattle grazing, and traditional crops. Their steadfast commitment to the region's rural heritage has not only shaped the stunning countryside but also contributed to a unique and enduring way of life that continues to inspire admiration and appreciation from all who visit the area.